About Linda Tanner

I am running to:

• Create fair paying jobs for NH’s hard working people

• Advocate for early childhood education, public schools, and our Universities.

• Improve our infrastructure roads, bridges, and broadband service

• Protect natural resources and our environment

Linda Tanner For State Rep - District 9


  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Strong
  • Proven Leader

Former State Representative 2012-2014 Sullivan County District 9

Faculty Emeritus Kearsarge Reg. HS

Retired Health & Physical Ed Teacher

Union Leader Coaches’ Hall of Fame

Colby-Sawyer College Instructor Wellness CPR/First Aid

Commissioner for the Connecticut River Flood Control Commission


Paid for by:Friends of Linda Tanner, Lori Dee Windom, Fiscal Agent

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NH sees smallest increase in ACA rates

You’ll hear from the anti Obamacare crowd the cry of a 25% increase in health insurance premiums that proves Obamacare doesn’t work. Lets look to our local situation. From an article in the Concord Monitor 10/26,2016: 2% is the average ACA premium increase for NH residents 25% is the average for the 38 states that …

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As we celebrated long weekend for Labor Day, I stand as a proud life time member of the NEA-NH and thank all those who have struggled throughout the years for safe working conditions and decent wages. Hard working people have been the soldiers in the Labor movement that started over 150 years ago including Linda …

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