Oct 26

NH sees smallest increase in ACA rates

You’ll hear from the anti Obamacare crowd the cry of a 25% increase in health insurance premiums that proves Obamacare doesn’t work. Lets look to our local situation. From an article in the Concord Monitor 10/26,2016:
2% is the average ACA premium increase for NH residents
25% is the average for the 38 states that use the federal exchange
$219 is the monthly rate for a 27 year old in NH who does not smoke
4 is the number of insurance companies offering coverage through the NH Marketplace

We know the ACA has some issues to be addressed particularly with people just above the cut off of subsidies and small businesses. Instead of a zillion bills to repeal Obamacare the Congress could have and, should have, worked to make the system better. Let’s hope this election will put people in office who truly want to make a healthcare and insurance system that works for the People, for everyone. Hillary has fought for healthcare and insurance coverage for children. Let her loose on the big picture and I think the results will be dramatically positive.

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